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Startup Advise

Tenacious Hub Consulting team loves working with startups and it is reflected in our work as we have a phenomenal track record of success with them. We’ve helped in launching, scaling and establishing the early stage companies and have assisted them in startup challenges. Valuation of our early stage clients have grown impressively with whooping turnover of more than 5 Crore, whereas some reaching to even more than 50Cr in quick time.

Our consulting partners have a diverse and outstanding track record of working with entrepreneurs. We’ve worked with various innovative, early stage companies on a wide range of projects in a variety of markets around the globe. We bring a great deal of observation into every engagement.

Apart from advisory services the Tenacious Hub team also provides an active and executional role with our start-up clients if requested, with our work being structured on a project basis or as a part-time interim operating role.

More importantly, we speak the language of start-up. We understand the different challenges entrepreneurs face at the developmental stages of a company because we’ve been startup entrepreneurs ourselves.

We specialize in several critical early stage areas including:-

  •     Business model development Analysis or pivot
  •     Financing strategy
  •     Pitch development
  •     Investor outreach (seed stage through advanced rounds or IPOs)
  •     Strategic planning to achieve operating scale and profitability
  •     Business development and GTM strategy and execution
  •     Interim outsourced fulfillment for management and key operating roles
  •     Development or executive summary, elevator pitch and other initial documents
  •     Financial forecasting
  •     Business model canvas
  •     Pitch presentation development
  •     Go-to-market strategies for new products and/or new market sectors
  •     Business plan creation, review and/or enhancement
  •     Capital raise consulting and network connections
  •     Interim executive management
  •     Advisory board development and recruitment
  •     Presentation charities and investment opinions
  •     Scheduling meetings with angel groups, private investors and/or venture firms

Our fee structure makes us available to most emerging growth companies as well as angel-funded start-ups. Whether it’s helping entrepreneurs to develop their vision and bring it to life with scale and success.    

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