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Posted on 2021-09-01 By ANURADHA

What`s new in Google Search Console 2021 update?

Hello Readers,

As we all know, Google Search Console is the perfect tool for understanding how websites are performing on organic search results of Google. Google keeps adding new features to the search console to help webmasters analyze the performance of their websites. Here, you can find a summary of all the latest updates by Google-

Jan-2021 update: Google updated the Search Console coverage report, News performance report and crawl stats report to the search console. With these changes, you can now dive deeper into issues around Google crawling and indexing your website and lets you find how well your news site performs in Google News.                                                                     

Feb-2021 update: Google Search Console Discover performance report now includes all data. Google said, “we are now providing a single place in Search Console to see all your site’s Discover impressions and click stats, including from Chrome.”

Also, Google updated metric boundaries for core web vitals in Search Console. Google Search Console added ‘associations’ update so you can link with other Google accounts, such as YouTube, Google Analytics, Android apps and much more.                                                                           March-2021 update: Google updated Search Console rich results report such as Job posting report and FAQ and Q&A report.

Google Search Console users experience crawl stats report data issues between March 10th and March 23rd. Google clarified “this issue did not affect actual page fetches, only the reporting of fetch activity during this period.”

Also, Google added practice problems and math solver structured data and Search Console reports in the march-2021 update.


April-2021 update: Google Search Console added regular expression support and more data filtering to Performance reports.

Also, the Google Search Console performance report image impression changed in this update.

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